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Please note, that the images, logos, and respected artworks, are property of the original copyright owners. TK560 has no affiliation with any of the intellectual property owners. This is a fan site dealing with movie and television replica props, original GIjOE action figures, World War II memorabilia, and marksmanship/ firearms interests. Most of the images used on this site are photographed by the site owners. Official logos are used to identify specific products/ manufacturers.

Spare Parts
On this page, you will find mostly surplus from the fan film or junk I have lying around the shop. Very limited supply. Use the secure shopping cart to order, [Sorry, no International orders on firearm parts.]

Firearms Parts
If I can't sell them here, its off to ebay they go! Sorry, no international orders on all firearms parts listed on this page.

We have a small batch of gun parts that I don't think we will use, and if they don't sell here, I'll have to stick them on ebay. First come, first served.

Top view.

Bottom View.

Thompson M1A1 pistol grip

This came from a kit I purchased some time ago as part of my M41-A Pulse Rifle project. This is an original GI part, in 'like new' surplus condition. Ready to install. No other hardware is included. Great for your WWII display, upgrade part or custom project. Only one available.


Walnut with oil finish.
$10 plus shipping.

Grade 1 Overall view.

Detail view of Grade 1

Detail View of Grade 1

1903 Springfield Rifle Top Handguard Grade 1

I found several of these parts from a surplus store. Appears to be vintage arsenal replacement parts. I have a few of these in different grades.

  • Grade 1 are really nice, near perfect condition.
  • Grade 2 have minor blemishes, that can be easily repaired.
  • Grade 3 need some work but could be made servicable.

None are cracked, or broken, the flaws are just cosmetic. Great for restoring your CMP 1903 Springfield rifle.

Note, these handguards will not fit the 03-A3 or 03-A4 rifles.

These Grade 1 parts do not appear to have much finish beyond a slight minor coat of protective oil. Great for matching your exsisting stock.


Grade 1 handguard.

Odds, and Ends

Also, I have a few items for auction from time to time. Click on the logo to see what I currently have up on the auction block.

Need one of my T-shirts, with the 'Bermuda Triangle Expeditionary Force' logo on it? Visit my shop on Cafe Press now. Just click on the logo to visit the Cafe Press Store.

Main Catalog section, click here.


Special Note:

Please remember, if you are ordering, these parts and kits are from extras, left over from the fan film. And when they are gone, they are gone. The goal was to produce props as cost effective as possible. This is a limited run of less and 20 pieces each. Casting flaws, and all. Its part of the process. The helmets are made by hand, one at a time as needed. The resin blaster parts are from a small stockpile that is rapidly selling away. I do not plan to make any more once these supplies are gone. Check back often for updates. I'm not in this hobby to try and 'make a buck', just trying to help out other prop makers and collectors. But with a little effort, and some creativity, you too can make your own props and costumes.


Most folks that have ordered from me have been happy with their purchases. But, if you are not, just send the unused parts back, in the same condition they were sent in, and I will refund your money minus the shipping and any PalPal fees. Also, a 25% restocking fee may be applied to purchases over $40. No returns will be accepted if the parts have been modified, assembled, or painted.

Remember, most all of these parts are extras, or left over surplus from the production of the props and costumes for the fan film. The goal of the molds and masters was to produce props as cost effective as possible.

Last update June 16, 2010

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