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Please note, that the images, logos, and respected artworks, are property of the original copyright owners. TK560 has no affiliation with any of the intellectual property owners. This is a fan site dealing with movie and television replica props, original GIjOE action figures, World War II memorabilia, and marksmanship/ firearms interests. Most of the images used on this site are photographed by the site owners. Official logos are used to identify specific products/ manufacturers.

How To Guides
From common household items to prop replicas, here are some of my favorite prop replica "do it yourself" information.

P R O J E C T  B U I L D S  (PDF's) & HTML
coming soon
Many thanks to those who created these websites. I have taken the liberty to convert the websites to Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files, in an effort to preserve the valueable content. All copyrights are the propert of the original owners. This is an effort to preserve the content, due to the constant change in the availability of the web pages these came from. Some links are no longer up. If you are the owner of the information and do not wish that I host these PDFs please contact me to have them removed. [please provide information for current links etc.]

Here is a cool site that has DIY templates for Boba Fett armor and gear.

More videos are on their way! Stay tuned!

Updates, and News
[Update 18-May-2006]

I've been working on some decals in Adobe Illustrator. If you need some X-wing helmets, or some TIE pilot cogs, let me know. These are custom made, and not copies although references were made from low resoultion jpegs found online. These can be printed and used to decorate your helmets, dorm room, car, or what ever. I'm making a 300dpi TIF version available for download. If you want an Illustrator file, just ask! Please do not redistribute these logos.

Right-click on image to download. Choose 'save target as'.This will send the file to your hard drive. Please note, these are TIF files, and are rather large. You will need an image editor to convert them. Some scaling will need to occur, size is 7.5x10.5 Each TIF is a little over 400kb. LZW compressed using a Mac. These aren't perfect replica version, they are not suppose to be, but rather represent what I saw on screen. If your browser does not support .TIF rendering, you will not see the images if you just click on them.


Downloadable Prop Parts
Just what you need to finish that prop replica. The devil is in the details.
Counter graphic for the Aliens M41-A Pulse Rifle. Download this image to your hard drive and print it out on Glossy Photo Paper. Laminate it and apply to your Bug Killing Gun. Here is a link to a Photoshop Version [.PSD] You can turn the image upside down for a lower counter number, 56.
Morie` Pattern for the Star Trek Communicator and Tricorder. Click on the image. A larger full resolution [300dpi] image will load. Download that image to disk. Print out in Black and white. 1 copy on transparency film, the other to Glossy Photo Paper. You get 4 per 8.5 x 11 inch page.
Star Trek TOS Phaser Force indicator: Click on the force settings and a Photoshop PSD filse should download. This document has several variations of the phaser force settings. Print out on hi quality white paper. Trim, glue and apply.
Need some stormtrooper helmet tube stripes? Here you go! I made these in Photoshop , and have provided 2 version. Enjoy. You can print them out using some special ink-jet paper called Rub-Down Decal paper, available here.
Here is my version of the "Blue Harvest" Logo. If you are not familiar with this, it is the logo worn by the film crew while working on Return of The Jedi to keep attention away from the Star Wars production. Its made large so you can print 10.5x4 inch T-shirt transfers. Not 100% accurate but close. DPI will need to be raised to 300.
I created the Photoshop [.PSD] version of these images based on low resoultion .jpg and gif images found on the web. Many thanks to the artists who created the originals. I am offering the PSD files here for download for the first time in the higher quality formats, but the file size may be large. The morie` pattern origin is based on the old Edmund's Scientific version, origins unknown.

Free Paper Props! [downloads]

Here are a couple of props you can print out and frame. Volia` instant props! A specail thanks to the creators of these replicas. I downloaded them a long time ago and I'm not sure who made them.

Here is a version of the Buffy Summers HS diploma. Click on the image for a bigger version. You will need the California seal. [see below]

Here is the CA state seal for the Buffy diploma. click on the image to bring up the larger version. just print it out on a color printer then reload the page and print the Diploma.
For the Star Trek Next Generation fans, how about a Dixon Hill business card? Click on the image, and print out on fine linen paper. Cut to business card sizes, and frame. Thanks to the artist that made this.
Need a Jurassic Park Vehicle pass? This one has been around the net a few times, but is still a great paper prop to add to your collection.
Need an X-Files ID pass? This one has been around the net a few times, but is still a great paper prop to add to your collection. All you need to do is add your own image, and laminate.
There are a lot of these "Paper Props" floating around the net. I have the greatest respect for the creators of these cool props for allowing them to be available online. Contact me regarding these and other printer props.


TIP: Soda Bottle TOS Tricorder Screen
From time to time I find TOS tricorders, either poorly assembled by either young eager amature fans, or by an adult with poor prop building skills. Missing or "messed up" on many of these tricorders is the "view screen". Trying to find this clear plastic part has been a real challenge, until I noticed how the upper portion of a 2 liter soda pop bottle has a near perfect arch. After trimming a Coke bottle, I have anough material for 3 or 4 TOS tricorder screens.
Trim a rectangle out. make sure its 1/2" larger on all sides than the actual screen. The red rectangle shows the approximate size and position. Be sure to clean the bottle out, and use a sharp knife. Be careful. Also, inspect the bottle for scratches or other imperfections. Paint the "inside" with a primer gray, or Krylon Smoke Gray. Glue, and your done.


Artist Secret: Vacuform molds from MDF by Blaxmyth [updated]

Click here for Phil G.'s aka Blaxmyth's [RPF screen name] photo gallery of cool vac-u-form molds. Phil has a great technique for making vac molds from MDF, and a grinder. I even heard that he can make it from particle board! His craftsmanship is a real treat to view. Take a look at his frames! looks like cabinet work to me. He has been known to use coal fired oven to heat his plastic!

Phil has helped me get started in vac-u-form molding. His motivational words got me off my duff, and into the workshop. He is a really good guy to ask for help regarding his vac-u-form project.

Last update on May 18, 2006.

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