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Star Trek:
The Original Series Props

1966-69 cell phone.


Here is one of my all time favorite Sci-fi props: The Communicator from Star Trek [the original series, [1966-1969]. Originally constructed and designed by Projects Unlimited' co-owner, Wah Ming Chang for Pramount Studios, its intention was to give Gene Roddneberry's new science fiction TV series, Star Trek, a "utilitarian" look. This effect was best achieved with the three hand props used in the show. Most convincing of course was the communication device Captian Kirk flipped open on almost every epsiode. With its brass metal flip top lid, and spinning morrie` center disk, this was truly a prop masterpiece. Since Star Trek went off the air in 1969, many replicas have been offered. Lincoln Enterprises has sold these prop replicas since the early 1970's. The replica you see presented here is one that use to be available from . This is a fantastic interpretation of the original with its own identiy, being that replicas like this one were made for the Deep Space 9 retro episode "Trials and Tribble-ations".

Modern replicas officially sanctioned by Paramount are from

Other replicas can be found, if you know where to look. Some are no more than toys, like the Playmates version from a few years ago, to the over the top JTK kits no longer available. Some had idealized effects like lights and sounds, the original had neither. Some have the working morie` disk other do not. I have several version of the communicator, and a full review will be forthcoming.

Click here to see a communicator replica made of wood.

Build your own Communicator
replica from a 2x4 lumber This is a photojournal/ quasi-tutorial on how YOUCANSEE from the ASAP and the RPF prop boards, built his. Includes links to his woodne phasers as well.

Click here for replacement "slot-car" wheels used on the original communicator and tricorder props

Click here for info on the correct speaker grill material from a 1960's Japanese 'Universal 8 TR8' radio. Candle PRT 100 and PRT-81B are close enough to the Universal 8 -TR8to be a good substitution.

Click here for a morie' pattern based on the Edmund's Scientific catalog. These can also be found on Kellog's Family size boxes of Pop Tarts.

Here are some pics of my favorites, taken using the 'low-budget photo studio' technique:


TOS Phasers

I've created a whole page dedicated to all the kits and replicas I have. From the HMS, to the Todd M. to the famed Masterpiece Models replicas, to my own, hand made version, its all here.

TOS Tricorders

I've created a whole page dedicated to all the kits and replicas I have. From the HMS/ to the famous 23Century kits, to my own, hand made version, its all here.

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