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Please note, that the images, logos, and respected artworks, are property of the original copyright owners. TK560 has no affiliation with any of the intellectural property owners. This is a fan site dealing with movie and television replica props, original GIjOE action figures, World War II memorbilla, and marksmanship/ firearms interests. Most of the images used on this site are photgraphed by the site owners. Official logos are used to identify specific products/ manufacturers.

Help Page
Answers to the frequently asked questions...

Q: Where can I get a Cylon helmet?

A: Email me. and I'll send you the name of the guy I got my kits from. Hint, he's on the Cylon Helmet build page! Tell him TK560 sent you!

Q: How do I make a PVC Blaster?

A: Go to the how-to guides page, and read the blaster guides. Its easier than you think to make a piece of water pipe look like a real blaster! All you need are some common tools, some BASIC wood working skills, a drill and some paint!

Q: How hard is it to make a vacuform machine?

A: The vacuform technology is suprisingly simple, and can be done with a piece of peg board, and a toaster oven, and a vacuum cleaner. to make the larger stuff, consider making a whole vacuform machine. The bigger the machine the more complicated the heater/oven becomes. To do a trooper, you could use the oven to heat the plastic, but thats treading in the Wife's territory, not a good thing. Rule of thumb: the bigger the project, the more complicated the vacuform machine.

Q: Why name your site "TK560"?

A: In the original Star Wars movie, after the heros had abducted the two guards at the Millennium Falcon's hatch, one of the trooper's officers asks "Tk421 why aren't you at your post?" Well, that one line formed the foundation that all stormtroopers have a "TK number" designation. As a member of the 501st, I was assigned TK560 to idenitify me as a Trooper. That image of the trooper at the top of the page, well that TK560.

Q: Where do I get the supplies to make this stuff?

A: Most of the "hardware" goods can be found locally, and a list of speciality suppliers can be found online. Email me for specific questions. The silicone mold material I use comes from, as does the casting resin. The sheet styrene I use for vacuum forming comes from The hard to find oven parts come from

Q: What is the CMP?

A: The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) promotes firearms safety training and rifle practice for all qualified U.S. citizens with special emphasis on youth. The CMP operates through a network of affiliated shooting clubs and associations that covers every state in the US. The clubs and associations offer firearms safety training and marksmanship courses. The CMP sells surplus US military firearms to qualified US citizens to support the program. The CMP is about the only way to purchase a real USGI M1 Garand straight from US army depots.

Q: Do you sell stormtrooper armor or plan to in the future?

A: No. I've been asked why go to all the trouble and expense to make the trooper molds, and a vacuum forming machine, and not offer to sell the parts. Here is my philosophy: This is my hobby, and I do this for my own enjoyment. If I want to give the stuff I make away, thats my business. I plan to produce several trooper costumes to be used in a fan film, and as a "second" suit to be modified as a "Sandtrooper". After all, this is not about selling stuff, its about sharing a fun hobby. If I got into trying to make a buck off this, that gets into legal issues with Lucas Films. Something I don't want to do!

Q: What about other items for sale besides trooper gear?

A: Occassionally I offer "garage sale" type items on ebay, so check with the egnerbay link for whats currently offered. Right now, I have some old gun parts, and some old computers... I do have some catalog items. These are mostly surplus gear I made for the fan film, or duplicates I really don't need. From time to time I'll do a special project for certail organizations, so I might have a special on a part, but for the most part, as long as I can cover my expenses, and keep churning out props and costumes for the fan film, that's all I'm really after. I'm just glad I can help out from time to time, the SW universe costumer.

Q: What do I expect to work on next?

A: Right now, I'm still working on my fan film, and having to produce the costume and props and sets for that project is taking most of my time. In the works include more blasters based on a Lewis Gun, an Endor Commando sniper costume and blaster prop, a TOS Battlestar Galactica Viper helmet, and a set of Halo armor These last two projects I am way behind on. As soon as these get done, a working Logan's run Flame Gun, and a BladeRunner blaster. Then I'd like to get back into TOS Star Trek.


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